Annie Johns the Book
Temple/Wendy House
Temple/Wendy House
Open Studios, Belsham Street
Cahill & Grebler Gallery

*'A remembrance of life past: remembrance of a life between illusion and reality, falsehood and truth, joy and death'. The basis of this installation is the struggle/discourse between rival elements within all of us that go to make up our wholeness. Set in a wendy house version of a Doric temple it deals with, through historical imagery of states of mind, the duality of things, the constant dilemma of the dialectic. These anthropomorphised abstract ideas, such as despair, destruction, anger, sorrow, fear, fate, hope etc., stand round the outside of the temple (a metaphor for home) while the inside exists as a calm space, the antithesis of confusion. *The Aesthetic Dimension Herbert Marcuse